5 Tips for Women to Quickly Relax After the Work Week

So, you’ve had a long week at work. Or, maybe you’ve had a long week looking for work. Both way, you’re exhausted from being superwoman, those nail bits are cruddy, and you’re not sure whether you’re coming down with the flu, or if you just simply need a little TLC. If it is the TLC option, we’ve got ya covered with 5 tips on how to quickly get into relaxation, to help bring your body and spirit back to life!

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Our Favorite Straw Handbag Picks Under $100

Summertime causes for more time in the sun. 🌞

We’ve rounded up our favorite, trendy straw handbags, to carry all of your warm weather essentials.

Black & White Fringe

This classic fringe, woven bag is ideal for an evening of vacation fun, wether its a casual food dinner or dance night. Continue reading